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Yucca Cane (Real)

Yucca Cane (Real)

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These tough plants are rock stars in a full-sun garden and can stand up to some serious drought. Grown primarily for their showy evergreen foliage, some yuccas put on candelabra-like blossoms. Not only do these plants work well in a dry garden as an architectural accent, but they also make a prized container plant.



  • Simply cut off the top portion of a trunk down to the desired size. 
  • However, this growth can sometimes be unpredictable. At this same time, offsets can be cut away and replanted if desired.
  • For stemless rosette types, dead or damaged leaves along the bottom of the plant can be removed at any time to clean up the plant.
  • Flower stalks should be cut back to the base after flowering. 


Pot Information

4 ft tall                          -                    best fits 10" to 12" wide and wider.

6 ft tall                          -                    best fits 14" wide and wider.

8 ft tall                          -                    best fits 18" wide and wider.


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