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Snake Plant (sansevieria-Real)

Snake Plant (sansevieria-Real)

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Also known as snake plant, this is an evergreen herbaceous perennial plant forming dense stands, spreading by way of its creeping rhizome, which is sometimes above ground, sometimes underground. Its stiff leaves grow vertically from a basal rosette. The tall, narrow, sturdy leaves are stiff and pointed. Some species send up delicate flower spikes.



  • The snake plant does well in both shade and light. They can adapt to full sun.
  • The biggest danger is overwatering, as this plant is prone to root rot. this plant is highly low maintenance and needs minimal water; once a week


Pot Information

Medium slim                             -                    fits a 8" to 12" wide pot.

Medium full                               -                    fits a 10" to 14" wide pot.

Large                                         -                    fits a 14" wide and wider pot.

Extra Large                               -                    fits a 16" wide and wider pot.


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