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Rubber Plant (Real)

Rubber Plant (Real)

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Rubber plant also known as ficus elastica, an easy-care indoor plant with large, glossy like leaves. The rubber plant is also known as ficus elastica and rubber tree. A popular houseplant because of its waxy glossy leaves. Rubber plants are native to Southeast Asia. Rubber plants are commonly seen in their dark green variety; they also come in more colourful varieties. For example, our most popular variety is known as the “black prince” or “burgundy” with reddish-deep jade green leaves.



  • Just be sure to keep yours away from any cold drafts as well as air conditioning or heating vents.
  • Use good organic potting soil when repotting this plant.
  • Water when the soil is dry. evaluate the soil prior watering, and water when needed.
  • Thrives in medium to indirect light, and can thrive in partial light as well.


Pot Information

Rubber shrub  plant 1 ft to 2 ft tall              -              10" to 12" wide pots suits best.

Rubber shrub  plant 3/4  ft tall                    -               14" wide and wider pots suits best.

Rubber shrub plant 3/4 ft tall                      -               22" wide and wider pots suits best.

Rubber tree 5/6 ft tall                                 -               14" wide and wider pots suits best.


(Pots are sold separately)


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