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Moss Art Wall (Real Preserved)

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Our Moss Art Wall is definitely a popular and lux modern creation amongst our greens. A NO MAINTENANCE Green wall that is a show stopper in any space!

In general, a moss wall is an interior plant art arrangement placed against a wall and decorated with real preserved moss. moss can vary in different colours. our pistachio light green, deep forest green, creamy white and mix of greens (Moss walls can be comprised of one type of moss or other varieties). Our moss walls were once a living, growing plant  which has been carefully preserved; non living and non-toxic to humans and pets. Our moss is each Handcrafted on a slim hard board, one by one with delicacy and care to create a beautiful custom made art for any interior space.

Moss walls Art Advantages

  • Improves productivity
  • Lowers stress levels 
  • Lowers illness possibilities
  • Enhances learning comprehension
  • Increases mood-boosting
  • Eliminates noise levels

All moss art walls are custom made upon order; average duration is 2 to 4 weeks to create. Each square foot is priced at $100. The Available board sizes can be ordered via website or contact us directly through any of existing platforms "Email, Instagram DM, Text" to request your desired customize sizes and measurements.