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Magnolia Tree (Real)

Magnolia Tree (Real)

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Magnolia is a large genus of about 210 flowering plant species in the subfamily Magnolioideae. It is named after French botanist Pierre Magnol. Magnolia is an ancient genus. They're known to be especially fragrant. Magnolias are spreading, evergreen or deciduous tree/shrubs, characterized by large elegant flowers which may be bowl-shaped  or star-shaped, in shades of white, pin, blush. These beautiful species of plants, survive outdoor all year long in a pot or planter in the ground. The more sun they get the more vibrant then grow to be. They develop buds during early spring, then transform to flowers in spring for period of couples to few weeks of weeks; die off and regrow back to repeat it cycle of growth. This Beautiful plant symbolizes, elegance, purity, beauty, delicacy, nobility, and strenght.

Magnolia stellata, sometimes called the star magnolia, is a slow-growing floral plant native to Japan

Magnolia alexandrina and saucer magnolia. It is one of the most commonly used magnolias in horticulture, being widely planted in the British Isles, especially in the south of England; and in the United States, especially the east and west coasts.


  • If planted in a pot keep outdoors, water as soon as the soil is dry.

  • Increase the water amount during warm weather. For colder weather, wait for the soil to have dried before watering again.

  • Magnolias prefer a spot in the garden that receives sun. the more sun the better for magnolia. That said, if you live in a particularly warm or dry climate, your magnolia might benefit from a location shaded from the hot afternoon sun. Outdoor shade or light is suitable for this tree.


Note: Items can be of any of two Magnolia varieties can be sent based on suppliers and stores availably. Prices can vary  without notice based on supplier availability.

(Pots Are Priced Separately) 

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