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Peace Lily (Real)

Peace Lily (Real)

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Peace lilies are one of the most common houseplants because they’re fairly easy to grow and beautiful. A long-time favorite of those with a green thumb and even those without, commonly known as the peace lily, is an adaptable and low-maintenance houseplant. 


  • Peace lilies prefer light partial shade and can tolerate fluorescent lights.
  •  Do not over water this plant as its leaves can turn yellow. When soil gets slightly dry water the plant accordingly. Make sure plant is kept moist or else it will droop. Water frequently every day or every other day.


Pot Information

Peace lily 1 ft to 2 ft tall                     -                  best fits 10" wide pot 

Peace lily 1 ft to 2 ft tall                    -                   best fits 12" to 14" wide and wider.

Peace lily 3 ft tall                               -                   best fits 14" wide and wider.

Peace lily 4 ft tall                               -                   best fits 16" wide and wider.

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