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Citrus Lemon Shrub (Real)

Citrus Lemon Shrub (Real)

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The lemon shrub, also known as the lemon bush, is a hardy and versatile plant that can be grown in a variety of settings. These shrubs produce fragrant and tangy lemons that are excellent for cooking, making refreshing drinks, and adding zest to any dish. Lemon shrubs prefer well-draining soil, plenty of sunlight, and regular watering, making them relatively easy to care for. With proper pruning and maintenance, lemon shrubs can be shaped into a variety of forms, including trees and hedges, and can provide both ornamental value and a bountiful harvest of delicious fruit. Additionally, lemon shrubs are known for their resilience and ability to withstand harsh growing conditions, making them an excellent choice to own.



  • These plants strive best in shade to partial light, or indirect light.
  • Proper drainage to avoid root rot.
  • To prevent browning and maintain optimal plant health, it is important to water your plant only when the soil is partially dry. Check the soil regularly every few days to ensure that you are not over or under watering. This will help you to maintain the right moisture level for your plant and prevent damage.


Pot Information 

Sizes up to 1 ft tall / Small               -           best fits 10" wide and wider planters 

Sizes up to 1 ft tall / Medium           -           best fits 14" wide and wider planters

Sizes up to 1 ft tall / Large               -           best fits 17" wide and wider planters.


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