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Hydrangea Standard Tree (Real)

Hydrangea Standard Tree (Real)

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Hydrangea trees all the small, flowering trees, hydrangea trees are the most dramatic when in full bloom. Not only anre these flowers gorgeous, they will bloom dependably year after year for you with not much maintenance.

The only type hydrangea that can be made into a tree is Hydrangea paniculata. We prune them into single trunk trees when they are very young to create that tree shaped appeal. Beat to plant these beauties in fall or spring. Hydrangea thrives and last best when planted in the ground soil. 



  • If planted in a pot keep outdoors, water as soon as the soil is dry.

  • Fertilize hydrangeas twice a year in the early spring and in the fall immediately after the flowers have faded, using a fertilizer formulated for shrubs and trees.
  • Plant using compost soil.
  • Increase the water amount during warm weather.

  • Hydrangeas do great in a garden that receives partial sun or sun. however both shade or light is suitable for this tree.


Note: Varieties can be sent based on suppliers and stores availably. Prices can vary without notice based on our suppliers.

(Planting services are additional cost. You can contact us directly for planting services)

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