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Faux Fiddle Tree (Faux Ficus Lyrata)

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Faux Fiddle Tree composed of glossy beautiful leaves boasting realistic characteristics that help add a tropical focus to indoor greenery. If you desire our beautiful greenery in zero maintenance, or your one looking for faux plants  our faux collection is the best option for your interior. This Faux Fiddle Tree can bring lush and style, as well as the perfect pop of green to any corner of your home.

  • Hand assembled and crafted pieces in high quality
  • Includes a black plastic vessel insert as its base
  • Custom made in Canada upon purchase
  • Clean with a damp cloth


(All bases are assembled in 10 to 12 inches insert. If the pot is purchased from us, it will be assembled as per the pot size/measurements)

Pots Are Sold Separately

(For more info or larger sizes please contact customer service on IG social media, text or email; all faux plants and arrangements are custom made)