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Fiddle Tree (Real)

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Ficus lyrata, commonly called the fiddle-leaf fig, is a perfect indoor specimen plant. The plant features very large, heavily veined, and violin-shaped leaves that grow upright on a tall plant. These plants are native to western Africa, from Cameroon west to Sierra Leone, where it grows in lowland tropical rainforest. The plant is the must have plant of every plant lover’s home. promoted in every fashion mags and interior design blogs.


  • Generally give moderate watering.
  • You can let the soil dry out a little before watering again. However, do not leave the roots in the water, as this causes root rot. 
  • Lack of water can cause leaves to shed and plant to dry out. Water as needed
  • partial light works best for this plant.  


Pot information 

Fiddle Tree 3 ft and 4 ft tall                -               10" to 12" wide pots suits best

Fiddle Tree 5 ft to 6 ft tall                   -               14" wide and higher pots suits best

Fiddle Tree 8 ft to 9 ft tall                   -               18" wide and higher pots suits best

(Pots Priced Separately)