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Ficus Retusa Bonsai (real)

Ficus Retusa Bonsai (real)

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Ficus Retusa Ginseng originally comes from south easter Asia. The roots of the houseplant are still grown in China and Malaysia, where they grow for several years. There are many species of Ficus. Ficus produce glossy, waxy leaves which are long lasting. A low maintenance plant that is a great decorative plant for any space. referred to as a “cheerful tree” because it is thought to enhance the moods of those who are nearby. This bonsai symbolizes unity, new beginnings, abundance, simplicity, and the harmony of nature. It is also believed that having a ficus in the home will release positivity and understanding.


  • Light to shade works for this beauty. This plant is low maintenance and adapts to its surrounding easily. 
  • leaves of this plant is very unique and the nature of its leaves retain water. allow soil to dry between watering. water once a week. Water when the soil is fairly dry. Prior watering, always evaluate; If the soil is dry, water the plant, and if the soil is wet or moist do not over water. Jade requires light to moderate watering. Leaves want humidity to keep them green and healthy. Any time your tree is inside, the air is very dry. Mist often during the day. Avoid putting your Bonsai near a draft or vent, which dries out the foliage.


Pot information

Jade Bonsai 0.5 ft tall petite                              -              8' width pots and wider suits best.

Jade Bonsai 1 ft tall petite                                  -             10" width pots and wider suits best.

Jade Bonsai 3 ft to 4 ft tall jumbo rare              -             16" width pots and wider suits best.

(Pots are sold separately)

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