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Ficus Moclame (Real)

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Ficus Moclame, boasts glossy compact leaves that tend to sit more upright. Sometimes called the lollipop tree! you can see why this uniquely shaped ficus is a great alternative to your traditional.


  • Generally give moderate watering.
  • You can let the soil dry out a little before watering again. However, do not leave the roots in the water, as this causes root rot. 
  • Lack of water can cause leaves to shed and plant to dry out. Water as needed
  • partial light or full light works best for this plant.  


Pot information 

Ficus Moclame 3 ft tall                             -              10" to 12" wide pots suits best

Ficus Moclame 4.5 ft to 5.5 ft tall            -              12" wide and higher pots suits best

Ficus Moclame 5 ft to 6 ft tall                  -              14" wide and higher pots suits best


(Pots are sold separately)