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Ficus Altissima (Real)

Ficus Altissima (Real)

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Ficus Altissima, commonly known as the council tree and lofty fig; a fig tree in the family Moraceae. It is a large, stately evergreen hemiepiphyte and is native to southeastern Asia. The large leaves on the Ficus Altissima yellow gem plants with pale green veins that show up beautifully against the emerald green and yellow of the leaf

  • Generally give moderate watering.
  • You can let the soil dry out a little before watering again. However, do not leave the roots in the water, as this causes root rot. 
  • Lack of water can cause leaves to shed and plant to dry out. Water as needed
  • partial light works best for this plant. Ficus Audrey prefers a spot where it will receive partial or indirect light sunlight.

Pot information 

Ficus Audrey Tree 5 ft to 6 ft tall              -          14" wide and wider pots suits best


(Pots are sold separately)

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