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Fern (Real)

Fern (Real)

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Ferns are relatively easy growing long lasting plants that helps with air purification. All ferns love moisture and should be given humid conditions. Ferns also love being misted at regular intervals with soft water. ferns can add a tropical look to your home. Many make wonderful, low-maintenance indoor or outdoor plants. It's also considered one of the most effective air detoxifiers for removing air pollutants.



  • Since it's a plant from a mokst climate, It needs adequate watering and it doesn't like to sit in wet soil but must be moist. 
  • Shade or partial light work well for this plant
  • Mist regularly with water spray 

Pot Information

Small Fern             -    best fits 8" to 10" wide pot 

Medium Fern        -     best fits 10" to 14" wide pot  

Large Fern            -     best fits 14" to 16" wide pot 

XL Fern                 -     best fits 16" wide pot 


(Pots are sold separately)

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