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Faux Hydrangea Arrangement

Faux Hydrangea Arrangement

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Hydrangeas are a classic and traditional choice for flower arrangements because of their versatility and quiet splendour. our faux, custom made hydrangeas come in all different colours and can be created in large to small arrangements, lending their colour and intricate textures to flower arrangements of all kinds and for all different occasions. hydrangea flowers in faux resembling in full bloom, sitting in a simplistic design friendly glass vase that allows the creamy white petals to stand out and steal the show, without seeming overwhelming. This classic bouquet will blend seamlessly into anyone’s home decor and enhance a minimalistic aesthetic while drawing the eye to the delicate curves of each little petal.  


For more info or different sizes, custom colors, vases, best to contact customer service on IG social media, text or email, as all faux plants and arrangements are custom made.

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