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Faux Lemon Tree

Faux Lemon Tree

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The Lemon Tree amongst the citrus family can embrace a friendly and memorable European inspired design to your space; as well as creates a taste of medditerian atmosphere to your interior. These trees adds a beautiful rich green with fruity colours of tangerine or yellow. It focuses in creating that Euro inspired designer interior with no maintenance needed. If you admire our lovely greenery in zero maintenance, or interested simply faux plants, are custom made trees can be available upon order, in high quality material; a great option to go with. Elevate your home designs with our real or faux plants!

  • Hand assembled and crafted pieces in high quality
  • Includes a black plastic vessel insert as its base
  • Custom made in Canada upon purchase
  • Clean with a damp cloth


(Bases come in 10 to 14 inches insert. When the pot is purchased from us, your faux plant will be assembled as per the pot size/measurements to a perfect fit)


(For more info or larger sizes please contact customer service on IG social media, text or email; all faux plants and arrangements are custom made) 

(Pots Are Sold Separately)

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