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BoxWood (Real)

BoxWood (Real)

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Our fresh Box Wood is native to western and southern Europe, southwest, southern and eastern Asia, Africa, and many other areas with the majority of species being tropical or subtropical. Boxwood provides lush, green foliage for your space year round. This attractive plant grows quickly and has an upright nature that makes it great for hedging. all boxwoods include a topiary hedge cut. It thrives in full sun or shade making it very versatile for your landscaping as well. 


  • Place your boxwood anywhere you like. whether its sun or shade this plant thrives. 

  • Can be place outdoors during spring summer and early mid fall before the weather turns cold. Once the weather is old box wood needs to be covered with a thick sack material to protect against the cold. 
  • Watering will need to be increased directed towards the light. For all plants placed in shade watering must be reduced. When soil is partially dry water the plant. If soil is moist or wet do not water the plant as it can cause root rot. 


Pot information

Small Box-Wood          -           best suits pot 8“ pot wide.

Medium Box-Wood      -           best suits 10" to 12" pot wide.

Large Box-Wood          -           best suits pots 14" to 16" wide.

XL Box-Wood               -           best suits pots 18" to 22" wide.


(Pots Are Priced Separately)

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