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Ornamental CherryBlossom Tree (Real)

Ornamental CherryBlossom Tree (Real)

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Ornamental CherryBlossom Tree, known as Japanese cherry generally referred to a gorgeous ornamental cherry trees, not to cherry trees that produce fruit for eating. It is considered the national flowering of Japan. These stunning trees are sourced from Florida US, with a Japanese orgin.  Not to be confused with cherry trees cultivated for fruit, inspire millions of people to flock to Japan for the flowering festival in Japan; the ritual of viewing Cherry Blossoms dates back to the 700s.

The Ornamental CherryBlossom Trees are known for their explosion of showy flowers in the spring. Some types also produce small cherries in the summer that are too tart for our palettes, but appeal to a wide variety of birds. Flowering cherry trees are an excellent choice for home gardens because they require minimal care. In addition to spectacular cherry blossoms, they provide year-round color and interest with seasonally-changing foliage and attractive bark. the blossoms change colors, starting out dark pink or blush when in bud, turning lighter pink or pale when they first blossom, and then eventually turning  pink to white. 

These beautiful species of plants, survive outdoor all year long in a pot or planter in the ground. The more sun they get the more vibrant then grow to be. They develop buds during early spring, then transform to flowers in spring for period of couples to few weeks of weeks; die off and regrow back to repeat it cycle of growth. This Beautiful plant symbolizes, new birth, fresh start, femininity, beauty, delicacy, and long life.


  • Planted in a ground; keep outdoors, water as soon as the soil is dry.

  • Increase the water amount during warm weather. For colder weather, wait for the soil to have dried before watering again.

  • Prefer a spot in the garden that receives sun. The more sun the better. low light to shades do equally. 


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