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Dracaeana Warnekii Cane (Real)

Dracaeana Warnekii Cane (Real)

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Dracaena Warneckii Cane are widely used as houseplants; originated from Africa, America and Asia, this plant is highly distinguishable from most other interior. Dracaena Warnekii Cane, like all dracaenas, are hardy, slow growing plants that thrive on low maintenance. This plant is also referred to as a striped dracaena; the warnekii has long, pointed, narrow ash green and white striped leaves and can be used as a table plant, bushy floor plant, or tall cane plant for home and office. The variety has wider leaves and is a more compact plant. A Dracaena Warnekii Cane is one of the few colorful indoor plants that can survive in low light conditions. NASA recommends the dracaena warnekii a one of the top ten gplants for removing formaldehyde from the air.


  • Can handle light levels from indirect or direct low light to shade.

  • Water when the soil is partially dry. Prior to watering, always evaluate the soil; If the soil is dry, water the plant, and if the soil is wet do not over water, as it can cause root rotting.

Pot Information

Dracean Warnekii Cane 4 ft to 5 ft tall  (3 to 4 trunks)      -       10" to 16" wide pots suits best. 


(Pots Are Sold Separately)

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