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Citrus Clementine Tree (Real Oriental Orange)

Citrus Clementine Tree (Real Oriental Orange)

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Originated from China; sourced fresh from Florida, the Calamondin is a fragrant bush that produces small, tangy fruits resembling a cross between a mandarin orange and a kumquat. These hardy plants can thrive indoors all year long via are self-pollinating, which allows them to fruit with proper care. With regular watering and bright light, you can train your Calamondin bush to take on a tree-like form, adding height and personality to your plant collection.



  • These plants strive best in partial light, full light, or indirect light.
  • Proper drainage to avoid over watering.
  • To prevent browning and drying of your plant, it's crucial to water it only when the soil is partially dry. Checking the soil moisture level every few days is essential to avoid over or under watering, which can negatively impact the plant's health. Over watering may cause shedding of leaves or other damage. By monitoring the soil moisture level and watering accordingly, you can ensure that your plant thrives and maintains its optimal health.


Pot Information 

Sizes 6 ft to 7 ft tall / X large         -           best fits 22" wide and wider planters.


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