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Clementine Mini Orange / Fruit Plant (Real)

Clementine Mini Orange / Fruit Plant (Real)

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Great for the citrus fans and fruit lovers. This plant is a mix for decorative purposes. Although, the branches orange scented blossoms which produce little natural fruits, like a small tangerine. This mini orange is a hybrid variety of mandarin orange, known for its very juicy and sweet fruits. The fruits are a delicious combination of tangerine and slightly tart orange; these mini exotics are highly used as decorative vanity table top plants.


  • Keep Indoors, lightly water as soon as the soil is dry.

  • Increase the water amount during warm weather. For colder weather, wait for the soil to have dried a full inch before watering again.


Pot Information

XSmall calamondin                    -                    fits 6" and wider pot.

Small calamondin                      -                    fits 10" pot.

Medium calamondin                  -                    fits 14" pot.

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