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Bougainvillea (Real)

Bougainvillea (Real)

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Bougainvillea are popular beautiful ornamental plants in most areas with warm climates, such as Florida and across the MediterranneanThey come in a variety of brilliant classic colors. The flowers are actually small and inconspicuous; it is the colorful modified leaves, called "bracts" that produce the fabulous show that makes bougainvillea a spectacular accent plant. Nothing is more breathtaking than a bougainvillea tree in full bloom, lighting up your homes. an indoor or outdoor home landscape with its spectacular color and beautiful tree shape. Buy a bougainvillea already trained to tree-form. The hard work is done, all you have to do now is to enjoy the plant and give a trim if you like to stay in its topiary round shape.



  • Keep Indoors when cold, and outdoors during warm weather. Must not be planted they in ground

  • water when the soil, once fully drained; towards drying. Over watering can damage the plant and under watering can cause dryness.

  • Increase the water amount during warm weather, specially when outdoors. For colder weather, wait for the soil to have dried a couple inches prior watering again.


Pot Information

Small Bougainvillea                                fits 10" to 14" pot.

Medium Bougainvillea                            fits 14" to 18" pot.


(Pots Are Sold Separately)

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