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Birds of Paradise (Real)

Birds of Paradise (Real)

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The Bird of Paradise is seen as the sovereign of the indoor plant world. This beautiful plant incorporates a rich, tropical style to your space. one of our "best seller" low maintenance indoor tropicals. This plant makes a big statement and it will attract attention no matter where it is placed. full of love and positivity this plants is definitely suitable of any interior whether its your home or office.


  • Can handle light levels from direct sunlight to low indirect light to shade.

  • Water every few days. Keep the soil minimally moist, but not soggy. Check the soil prior to watering; If the soil is dry, water the plant, if the soil is wet, do not over water the plant, as it can cause root rotting.


Pot Information

Birds of paradise 2 to 3 ft tall 10" to 12" width pots suits best.

Birds of paradise 4 to 5 ft tall 14" width and wider pots suits best. 

Birds of paradise  6 to 7 ft tall 18" and wider pots suit best.


(Pots Are Sold Separately)

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