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Spindle Palm (Real)

Spindle Palm (Real)

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Spindle Palm, with its thick solo slender elongated trunk and elegant bold arching feathery leaves, helps elevate any indoor space. With a low upkeep and maintenance, this indoor plant is suitable for all year long and perfect outdoors during warmth, for your terrace, or balcony, porch front, backyard and more. A bit of tropical flare to add to the landscape or home interior in a planter. Spindle palms are about as tropical looking as you can have, along with ease of care and paced growth that makes them a trouble free addition. Invite this endangered exotic specimen to your home for the ultimate tropical appeal!

Fastest way to accidentally kill palm plant is by overwatering and/or not providing drainage, so watch out for this common pitfall. Allow the top of the soil to dry out between waterings, and water less often during the winter months. 


  • These plants strive best in shade to partial light, or indirect light.
  • Proper drainage to avoid over watering.
  • Gentle growers
  • Water only when the soil is partial dry. If the plant is left too dry it can cause browning. Soil must be checked every few days to prevent from over or under watering.

Pot Information 

Sizes 3 ft to 4 ft tall / small                -           best fits 12" wide and wider planters 

Sizes 3 ft to 4 ft tall / medium           -           best fits 14" wide and wider planters

Sizes 8 ft to 10  ft tall xl                     -           best fits 28" wide and wider planters


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