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Fiddle Bush (Real)

Fiddle Bush (Real)

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Native to African rain forests, they thrive indoors and outdoors in the warm climates. A wonderful plant to keep indoors all year long and outdoors during warm weather. This plant is the must have plant; promoted in every fashion magazines and interior design blogs.


  • Since it's a plant from a warm climate, It needs adequate watering and it doesn't like to sit in wet soil but must be moist. 
  • best in partial light or indirect light

Pot Information

Fiddle bush 2 ft to 3 ft tall                 -             best fits 10" to 12" wide pot 

Fiddle bush 4 ft to 5 ft tall                 -             best fits 14" wide and wider

Fiddle bush 6 ft tall                            -             best fits 16" wide and wider

Fiddle bush 7 ft tall                            -             best fits 16" wide  and wider

 (Pots are priced separately)

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