Holiday Decorating Services

We offer various beautiful premium quality Christmas trees, wreaths, Christmas centerpieces, as well as garlands, and seasonal outdoor arrangements.
Enjoy the luxury of our professionals this holiday, and let us decorate your space. You'll never have to stress or rush to decorate your tree again! Our team of professionals will take all the hassle out of your hands, while still providing you the flexibility to change or add to your display each year. Our specially trained staff will install, design, hang, service, take down and store Christmas tree decorations, garlands and wreaths at charge. You just enjoy the results, hassle-free, and a little extra time off for you during your holidays.

We offer,

-Artificial Christmas Tree

- Wreaths 

- Garlands

- Choice of Christmas Theme Color

- Various Ornaments

- Additional Christmas Tree Lights

- Styling, Installing Setup & Teardown

-Other Additional Matching Decor (such as trees, garlands, wreaths, gift boxes, statues, figurines and more)

- Outdoor Seasonal

- Christmas Floral Centre piece/Arrangements