• Services

    Toronto Paradise Plants carries the highest quality and widest variety of both living and faux plants. Our interior plant designers create designs that are available for purchase used for both residential and commercial settings. Our sales team will provide you an online free consult or with a charge we would provide consult on site , carefully consider your needs and wants and come up with a design that makes sense for your specific space. Contact us today to inquire on your fresh/custom-made faux plants and florals.

    Our services go well beyond a plant store, and we are adding to it all the time. From interior plant design, to gardening, indoor garden projects, arrangements, seasonal arrangements and beyond, there are many reasons people need and use plants and our designs.
    If you can use a plant in a way that isn't described here, please reach out to us! We are always open to your ideas, and that's what makes us unique as a company!

  • - Fresh indoor plants
    - Seasonal arrangements
    -Christmas trees; indoor and outdoor decorations
    - Modern moss wall art

  • - Plant ceiling arrangement
    - Hanging planters
    - Indoor garden

  • -Gardening and planting
    -Fresh and faux centre piece floral arrangements
    -Outdoor faux grass sculptures
    And more

  • We are always open to your ideas and can find a way to make them work.
    Finding the right selection of plants and containers for your space begins with an inquiry by our professional team to discuss your vision, while gathering the necessary information such as pictures, light levels, layout and more to help illustrate the best plants and containers for your budget and overall design aesthetic.