Ceiling arrangement project

Everyone is loving our newly custom made ceiling centerpiece planter. We have teamed up with professionals, carpenters and builders that specialize in ceiling planters and indoor gardens. We love to create and offer all our clients with various unique options that are also up to date with trends. We offer trendy, exotic and unique designs; greenery ceiling centre piece planter arrangements that can be custom made as per your needed sizes for your interiors, residential or commercial spaces (homes and offices). All you need to do is inquire with a picture of the area, along with the size you are interested in, and we create as well as install them hassle-free for you.
Well-designed custom-built planters with premium quality wood is one of the best options to choose when it comes to decorating your workspace, restaurants, or homes with plants. Our planters can be created in different sizes, colors, and designed as a plant pot which the frame is finished in a lush black or white, ash grey or wood color making this beauty match with any kind of interior design.
Just sit back and relax; let us design your home with beautiful lush plants, without the hassle of shopping further for the greens. The plants chosen are fixed suitable in suitable in size to match your home and planter size.
For all inquiries, contact us through email or Instagram text. We work with professional builders and carpenters, plant designers to help create the best indoor garden for your space.