About Us

     Welcome to Toronto Paradise Plants. Toronto's paradise of beautiful lush plants, where we can transform your tropical visions in to a true reality.

     Toronto Paradise Plants Inc. was originally founded in 2018 as a conifer and deciduous lux indoor and outdoor tropical plant online boutique. We started as a local plant online boutique serving a limited geographic area. Our company has evolved and responded to our customers' demand of quality nursery products. We have now more than 40k plus followers on Instagram due to the trust customers have on us. We continue to improve our on-line capabilities and expand our products. We are based in Toronto and GTA.

     We have extended our offerings outside the tree and shrub products, to include decorations, arrangement and others to make a complete full service plant boutique.

     Our story is dedicated to top quality indoor and outdoor plants in both real and faux plants for house or office space. We carry a wide selection of indoor green and flowering plants, decorative containers along with high quality trendy planters. We source our plants and plant related goods from our trusted network of growers and manufactures in Florida, United States. We love to provide you with the best quality plants and help you create a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment in your indoor and outdoor settings.

     It’s a scientific fact that plants are good for us. They not only produce oxygen, they also purify the air we breathe. Moreover, they help us cope with stress easier, reduce anxiety and ailments. They boost our mood, enhance our creativity and productivity. Surround yourself with more plants and enjoy the many benefits of having them around.

     We provide free delivery to assist and create a hassle free experience for our clients who are located in Toronto and GTA area. We also do accommodate with clients that are outside of Toronto and GTA with a small delivery cost.